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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book directly on your website?

Yes, our website offers instant and direct booking for the best rates.

Are the kitchens well stocked?

Yes, we have everything to make a huge holiday meal, including pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and basic spices.

What kind of coffee pots do you have?

Each of our rentals have 2 standard drip coffee pots. We also stock ground coffee, filters, powdered creamer, sugar substitute, and sugar, and teabags.

Do your rental homes have laundry facilities?

Yes, all our properties have a washer and dryer on property. Please bring your own laundry detergent.

Do your rental homes have a baby crib?

Yes, you will find a portable baby crib in one of the closets as well as bedding, toddler dishware, booster chairs and toys for little ones.

Do you have high-speed internet?

All of our properties have been upgraded with highest -speed fast internet available in Fredericksburg.

Do your rental homes have fans?

Yes, every property has 1-2 fans available. Many of the bedrooms also have ceiling fans.

Do your vacation rentals have outdoor grills?

Yes, all our homes offer a propane grill with one extra tank of propane just in case you run out. There are grill tools in the kitchen.

Should we bring our own firewood?

We provide presto logs in all our rentals if they do not have a propane fire pit. If you have a fire make sure it’s out and not unattended when you go in. The Cosmopolitan does not have a wood burning fire, only propane. Always check to see if there is a burn ban.

Do your rental homes provide towels for hot tubs and pools?

Yes, we offer pool/hot tub towels for guests in all our homes.

Are the swimming pools heated?

All of our homes have pools that are open 12 months of the year. They are heated from March 12th through the end of November. Also note that all the homes have hot tubs as well.

Do your rental homes feature hot tubs?

Yes, all our Fredericksburg vacation rentals have hot tubs, and we provide the towels.

Are your properties pet-friendly?

Absolutely not. Fines and negative guest ratings are applicable for any guests bringing pets into the homes. Guests will be asked to leave if a pet is brought in.

Can we smoke inside?

No, but you can smoke on the premises as long as smoke does not drift into the via open doors or windows.

Can we have outside visitors come while we are there?

It depends. If one or two, that is fine, but our properties are not meant for parties. Please call and talk to us if you want clarification.

Can we check in early or check out late?

In general, the answer is no. Our properties are very busy and the crew need every minute to clean inside and outside, do maintenance, lawn, etc. You can check a day or two before arrival and I will see if our local manager says it’s okay. You always have the option to rent another night before or after your initial trip dates. I often give a huge discount for “orphan dates”

Is there any place to store luggage before check in?

No, sorry. After check-out the properties are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Any left luggage is in the way for our crews to do cleaning and maintenance.

Where do we park if there are a lot of cars?

Vehicles are allowed to only park in the driveway and in front of the home. Do not park in front of your neighbor’s home. The city Short term rental guidelines don’t allow that.

Are events allowed on properties?

Not currently, but the Cosmopolitan is going through a process with the city for approval.

Are your vacation rentals close to Fredericksburg Main Street?

All 3 are very close to main street. The Cosmopolitan is on Main, the other 2 are 12 blocks away.

Is there a lot of traffic noise?

The Cosmopolitan and the Uncorked Cottage are on busy roads, so yes, there is traffic noise. All bedrooms have noise makers as well as earplugs for traffic and other guests who snore!

Are there local taxis services available to get around?

Yes, there are a few taxi services as well as uber and limo services.

What are the best things to do in Fredericksburg?

Our website features a local area guide to plan your visit to Fredericksburg, or visit the Fredericksburg Tourism website for more information on the area.